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Borrowing money has become more and more difficult for small businesses. Achieving a good rate of return on investments has also become a challenge. Stewart D. Sachs, Founder and President of Worthington Alternative Capital, LLC has been addressing these issues for many years. His goal is to provide investors with a higher rate of return then can be secured by traditional investment vehicles.

The purpose of private capital is to provide more efficient, short term financing at a premium price when conventional financing is not an option. Worthington Alternative Capital, LLC, is able to make many deals that other lenders cannot, and as part of our underwriting process, the company is always cognizant of an exit strategy.

Working with Worthington Alternative Capital

  • Interest Rates: Start at 14%

  • Term: One year with option to renew for one more year

  • Prepayment: None

  • Amounts: $50,000 to $1,500,000

  • Lending Area: Maryland properties only

  • Title: Property may be vested in a Corporation, LLC, LLP, Estate, or Trust

Worthington Alternative Capital Provides One Year Loans for Your Project

  • Income producing real estate
  • Non-owner-occupied residential
  • Commercial
  • Office
  • Mixed use
  • Industrial
  • Condominiums both residential and commercial
  • Property may be vested in a Corporation, LLC, LLP, Estate, or Trust

The company specializes in distressed property, undervalued assets, vacant property, renovation/construction loans, multi-family dwellings, churches, bars, restaurants and liquor stores with real estate. Worthington Alternative Capital, LLC prides itself with a common sense lending approach, and serves borrowers who cannot, or choose not to go the traditional route.

Why use a private hard money lender?

  • Loans close much faster than those made through a conventional bank, allowing people to begin their project immediately and not months later.
  • There is less paperwork and analysis.
  • The type of loans made are those that a conventional bank would not even consider, such as rehab loans on distressed properties.
  • People have the advantage of leveraging (OPM) Other People's Money, allowing them to do more deals while maintaining their own liquidity.
  • Borrowings do not appear on credit reports or affect credit scores.
  • The principals personally inspect each phase of the renovation ensuring that the work is done in a satisfactory and timely manner prior to releasing any funds, therefore protecting your investment, as well as the lenders.
  • Worthington Alternative Capital,LLC, has a network of resources available to its clients such as reliable general contractors, insurance agents, realtors, mechanical contractors, material suppliers, etc.

Worthington Alternative Capital, LLC, has a track record of success working with private high net worth individuals who want to maximize return on their investments. Funds invested are then used to make non-traditional loans to qualified borrowers. These short term loans, in which real estate or other assets serve as collateral, are made to borrowers to finance purchasing of non-owner occupied residential properties, commercial properties as well as secured commercial loans. Guiding borrowers and investors through the process, the company is able to provide both parties with the best deals possible.

Worthington Alternative Capital, LLC

Stewart D. Sachs

Jamie Mossovitz

20 New Plant Court
Suite 106
Owings Mills, MD 21117

Phone: (443) 738-1626

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